About Us

Andra Birkerts Design is a full service interior design firm specializing in residential projects.  Founded in 1992, we have developed in response to clients’ needs for unique, customized and wonderful environments. Our design sensibility integrates real life solutions filtered through our knowledge of art, design, and architecture, with a focus on the importance of beauty in one’s environment.  Each project is undertaken with a fresh eye and a new slate.  We don’t use recurring themes or schemes.  Our work is always tailored to the project and a reflection of our clients’ individual taste and desires.  There is not an ABD “look”, though people often comment that a solution is “so Andra”.  We take that as a compliment.  The signature elements of our work are spaces that are at once sophisticated, eclectic, soothing, cozy, colorful, and yes, even surprising.  Unpredictable solutions should be inviting and comfortable.  Formal spaces need not be stiff, informal rooms can be elegant and sophisticated.  Clients’ needs and desires come first; ABD stylish, imaginative, and delightful solutions strive to appeal to clients’ dreams.


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